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The Best Manuscript Sample



Manuscript Sample Is Absolutely Essential

You can avail normal typing speedOur working process includes the drafting of a sample which is going to provide you with an overall idea of how the completed manuscript is going to look like. The sample is going to provide you with an outlook of the format of the manuscript which is absolutely crucial for the success of our mutual work together. You have an option of xhoocing the normal typing speed or rush turnaround time. With this in mind, we lay a lot of attention on this phase in order to ensure that the sample of the manuscript is properly discussed and revised so we can move on.

Practical Tips on How to Format a Manuscript

Formatting helps make a document look exceptional. Even when one has a brilliant document, poor formatting can make it look dull, unattractive and appealing to read whether it is an academic paper, article, fictional and non-fictional paper. So, let’s observe the following tips for putting together an intriguing and well-formatted manuscript:

  • If there is a laid down instruction and guideline for formatting the task it would pay to stick to it thoroughly.
  • Microsoft word should present you with one of the simplest ways of typing your manuscript for submission.
  • For a general formatting standard, using a 12-point font size and double-line spacing would fit in conventionally. Avoid the use of special characters, bigger font size. In order of magnitude, you can settle for either a Times New Roman Courier or Arial font character for typing the manuscript.
  • An all-round margin of one-inch for the left, right, top, and the bottom of your paper should be appropriate for the manuscript. Excellent margins will provide ample space for the editor to make comment.
  • Use black text on a white paper of about 20 pounds to print the typed manuscript if submitting in hard copy.
  • Include a header to the right of the page containing the title of the manuscript and your last name. Use either a comma or slash to separate your name and the title.
  • Use left alignment for the text instead of to use Justify for each page. Left aligned pages usually appear more readable.
  • Save your work in PDF format instead of sending in MSWord. Works submitted in PDF maintains your formatting style and can be opened in almost any device, PC, tablet or smartphones without distorting the arrangement.
  • For title page, you have two options. Either you place the title and first page together or create a separate title page.
  • Use double line-spacing for the title page. The page should contain your full name and contact details to the top left corner; the title of manuscript capitalized and centralized at the middle of the page, and the word count to the top right corner. Have ‘by’ after the title on the next line. You can include contact information at the bottom.
  • Do not add page number to title page, it should be page zero.
  • If you have preface materials such as the table of content page, acknowledgment, dedication, preface, abstract, etc. do not include them in the pages numbering.
  • You can have the preface materials as having Roman numerals in lowercase in addition to your last name and title at the header. Let the Arabic numerals mark the beginning of the main page of the manuscript but after the preface materials with Roman numerals.
  • Each chapter should start from a fresh page. Leave about 3 inches margin at the top for chapter number, title – all caps.
  • Avoid indentation at the beginning of the first paragraph for each chapter. Only where you have separate chapters, sections should have the indentation.
  • Whatever patterns for indentation or formatting you need to maintain it all through the work.

polished and appropriate manuscript sample

A Few Tips on the Sample of a Manuscript

When you are writing your own manuscript, there are a few things that you might want to take into thorough consideration. Of course, it would be best if you leave it to the professionals but in any case, let’s take a look at the basics.

  • Write every idea: don’t throw away an idea just because it doesn’t fit in the current format of the manuscript. You will adjust everything later. The manuscript sample is usually going to contain scattered thoughts which are going to be aligned and adjusted later on when you work on the final draft.
  • Write clearly: the worst thing you want is to have a top-notch idea, write it down like a doctor and fail to read through it later on. This is an absolute disaster and you need to make sure that it doesn’t happen to you.
  • Be extensive: when an idea comes into your head try to develop it as much as you can on the spot. This is going to simplify things later.

How We Can Help with Your Typing Needs

At our service, we invest so much time and effort to get your task done and exceed expectations. And here is how we can help with different typing format:

  • Handwriting retyping. We take time to decipher your handwritten manuscript and speedily type your content to specification.
  • PDF to Word conversion. When you present your task in PDF format our professional typists will ensure to type into a word document for submission.
  • JPEG/PNG to Word conversion. When you send in your picture files in jpeg or PNG format we help with the appropriate typist with knowledge on your type of content typist to get the manuscript typed with so much precision.
  • Transcription services. For your audio and video files of any format, our team of professional typist with expertise in your related field will be assigned your file to transcribe and submit before the deadline.
  • Data entry. When you have information to key into Microsoft Excel document as well as other formats our professional data entry clerks would receive instructions on how to get your data entry task completed to 99.99% accuracy.
  • Secretary services. When you need help with secretarial duties for typing, filing, documentation, scheduling, our team of certified secretaries would be on the ground to carry out your administrative or secretarial duties as stated in your job brief.

help with format of a manuscript

Rely on the Professionals

The best thing you can do is to provide us with the details surrounding your manuscript and we are going to come up with a sample for you to assess and revise. Feel free to order our manuscript typing services. This is going to allow us to deliver a perfectly polished finished product which is up to the highest standards. Why choose our manuscript services:

  • Manuscript advisory services. Having our professional manuscript typing expert offer advice on your typing and manuscript needs can make all the difference when lost for words on how to resolve some critical document related issues. With our years of experience at retyping service, your manuscript typing problem should finally be over.
  • Custom formatting. What you experience when you use our retyping service is a unique and original content specifically typed and formatted 100% for you alone.
  • Typists with perfect knowledge of English language. Having such professionals in our team means your work gets the best of editing and proofreading, eliminating the errors that could arise from poor grammar and not having a full appreciation of the English language.

Without any further ado, do not hesitate to contact us with your project. We are going to start working on the manuscript sample as soon as we sort out the details.