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Manuscript Typing


Why Do You Need Manuscript Typing Services?

high qualified manuscript typing servicesWhile most people today will type directly into their laptop or personal computer there are still many writers that prefer the feel of a pen in their hand or an old-fashioned typewriter under their fingers. While this may get the creative juices flowing and allow you to write in your own style it is not what your publisher will want to see. To get published your manuscript will need to be typed up, a task that is going to be time-consuming and far harder to do than many give credit for.


Our Typist Can Handle Manuscript Handwriting

One of the biggest issues with typing up notes handwriting is the fact that everyone’s writing is very different and not always as legible as we would like. So to be able to do typing accurately our experts have to be able to recognize what you have written. This is why we use highly experienced typists that are fully equipped to be able to help you. Transcription of spoken notes is also equally as difficult as many people have accents and no matter how careful we may be the recordings may not always be as good as they should be. Again our typists are selected for their abilities and experience ensuring the highest levels of accuracy. There are many services out there that will try to use software to do your typing and this is rarely effective due to the variety of styles of handwriting and speech. Finding errors and correcting them often takes far longer after using software than using an expert to do the typing in the first place.

Our Manuscript Typist Is Qualified to Help

type manuscript handwriting onlineTyping is not just a matter of simply taking the written word and typing it into the correct piece of software. Often there is a need to fully understand what you are actually reading so that mistakes are not made in recognizing the words. This is especially true for subject areas that are complicated such as law or different medical or science subjects. This is why you need a service such as ours to do all of your typing. We can provide you with a typist that is:

  • Highly qualified with a post-graduate degree related to your manuscript
  • Highly experienced with typing of manuscripts
  • Has expert-level abilities with the software you require them to use
  • Fully able to correctly format your typing to your specific needs
  • Is a native level English speaker and writer


What Documents Can Our Accurate Typing Services Help with?

There are many different documents that our clients require from us. With highly qualified and experienced typists to choose from we are in the position to be able to provide you with help with just about all forms of documents that you may need typing. These can include all of the following and many more:

Academic Documents Typing

  • Essays
  • Assignments
  • Term papers
  • Journal articles
  • Thesis
  • Dissertations

Business Documents Typing

  • Reports
  • Letters
  • Proposals
  • Business plans
  • Audit reports
  • Non-disclosure agreements

Legal Documents Typing

  • Demand letters
  • Interview transcripts
  • Memorandum of association
  • Employment contracts
  • Copyright transfer agreement
  • Leases

Medical Typing

  • Test reports
  • Care plans
  • Consent documents
  • Discharge instructions
  • Patient information leaflets
  • Mental status exam reports

Scientific Typing

  • Articles
  • Essays
  • Reviews
  • Technical Notes
  • Case reports
  • Commentaries

General Typing

  • Letters
  • Agreements
  • Resumes
  • Applications
  • Statements

In short, our specialized typing services are able to offer you word processing services, scientific manuscript editing services, etc. that can help you with creating any documents that you may need support with.

We Offer Budget-Friendly Manuscript Typing Services Rates

You will want to ensure that your manuscript is typed up quickly and accurately in the format and software that you require, something that you will always receive through our professional services. If you are looking for highly effective manuscript typing with the highest levels of accuracy, contact our specialized and professional services right away! We offer low prices but will never skimp on the quality of work that we are able to provide for you.


What Else Except Manuscript Typing Help Do We Offer?

We offer superior typing at highly affordable prices using only highly qualified and experienced professionals.  We can help with far more than simply typing manuscripts. Our manuscript typing services are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the many ways that we are able to help you. Through our services you can get help with all of the following:


From handwritten pages to typed pages through to retyping old PDFs we have the skilled staff required to ensure that all typing is done quickly and accurately to your specific needs.


We offer a full range of voice to typed text services that can help with anything from transcribing your reports through to conference notes. Our staff have the skills and the necessary equipment to be able to work with even the poorest recordings and broad accents.


Well-written documents are key to ensuring that you get the results that you are seeking from your work. Our editing team are fully certified and able to ensure that your documents will read perfectly.


Whether you need to use a specific academic style such as MLA or APA or simply want to get your records into the same structure our services can help you. We have staff that are highly experienced with the different styles of formatting and they can get your documents just how you need them quickly and accurately.


Our professional manuscript proofreading services are able to review your documents quickly and effectively to remove any errors. They will be able to spot all typos and other issues and correct your paper perfectly every time.

What Do We Charge for Our Superior Manuscript Typing Services?

professional manuscript typist onlineTake a look at our order page to discover the price that we will charge for your document type. Prices are kept low so that we can offer some of the most competitive prices you will find online. Use our professional and accurate typing services and take full advantage of some of the lowest process that you are going to find anywhere online for our level of quality.

  • Clear pricing with no hidden extra charges: one glance at our order page will show you that we are able to provide you with some of the lowest prices for the typing that you need. These are the prices that you are going to pay for the work that you need and no more.
  • Safe and secure payment: you can make your payment using your card. Payments are completed through secure methods that are used and trusted by many online every day.
  • On time delivery even for rush orders: you can select the deadline for your work when you make your order. We will always get straight to work on your typing and will ensure that work is delivered inside of the agreed deadline.
  • Free formatting of all work we do: with all typing orders we will ensure that the work is fully formatted in the manner that you require. This can be specific business requirements for layout or formal academic styles as required.
  • Unlimited revisions of your work until fully satisfied: we want you to be fully satisfied with the results of our typing and other services. If there is anything that you are not 100% happy with just let us know and we will make changes until you are.
  • Proofreading to a high standard: all of our typing comes with free proofreading through our fully certified staff. They will ensure that no typos or other issues will sneak through into your final document.
  • Guaranteed satisfaction with our manuscript services for typing or your money back: if you have any issues with our professional help and we are unable to resolve them to your full satisfaction we will refund your money to you.

Make full use of our professional and highly reliable manuscript typing services to get your documents completed quickly and accurately!