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Men vs. Women Normal Typing Speed: Who Rule the Typing World?


If you are asking what’s a good typing speed for genders, then reading an expert opinion on normal typing speed is what you need. According to the United States census in 1910, eight of ten typists in the country were women. Also, typing or words per minute jobs were the perfect jobs for women. If you need some information about our manuscript typing services, you can find it there.

normal typing speed


What Is the Normal Typing Speed?

If you are still thinking, “what’s a good typing speed,” then the answer is 40 words per minute. Regardless, the typing speed of a person depends on the population that you are examining, whether professionals or a general population.  A slow typing speed is less than the general typing speed for genders, which are 38 to 40 words per minute.

What Is the Average Typing Speed for Men

What is the average typing speed of men compared to an average typing speed of women?  The answer is that men have higher average typing speed compared to women measured at different hours and ages regarding computer use per day.

Stereotypical Myths and Facts

When it comes to stereotypical myths or facts about typing speed, there are only a few facts and myths and here are some of them:

  • Women like to type more compared to men: Boys spend much time playing online games, which give them more access to type as fast as they can. However, there are a high number of female dominated jobs wherein approximately 55% of girls prefer typing compared to 45% of boys.
  • Typist skills: When it comes to excellent typist skills, the key is practice. It is better to start early so that you will not have much a hard time typing when you are applying for a job or when it is required.
  • Typists training: There are professional typists training online, but not all will help you because you just type and type without paying attention to your mistakes. According to a study, paying attention to mistakes instead of just typing can make one a better typist.

what s a good typing speed for expert

Expert Opinion about Typing Speed

  • Meredith Cicerchia: Speed is being measured in WPM. It will increase when you develop your skills. Because no one is born a fast typist, you can try some typing tests online to learn how to type fast.
  • Sarah Griffiths: You need to take tests to know how many words and characters you can manage to type in one minute so that you will know if you need more time learning how to type.

There you have the information about “what is the average typing speed for men” as well as “average typing speed for women.” There are instances that men type faster compared to women, but there are also instances that women type faster than men do.

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