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Programming Typing: True Correlation between Typing Speed and Programming Competence


Do you want to learn about programming typing and find some useful information about manuscript typing? There are many advantages of being a professional typist compared to others who have fewer typing skills. Being a fast typist lets you save much time! See below for more interesting facts about typing.

programming typing


Interesting Relevant Facts about Typing

If you’re interested in learning facts about typing, check out the following and discover something new about it. Efficient typing lets you have time for other activities.  It also leads to faster typing. Fast typing is inherent in some software aspects. Typing speed for programmers:  According to QUORA, programmers do not need to be fast typists, but it will be an advantage.

How to Enhance Typing Speed: Typing Speed and Programming

  • Accuracy: It is better to learn to be accurate before learning to improve your speed because if you have.
  • Programming typing practice: For a newbie or new typist, it is essential to practice all the time. You need to get used to home keys and ensure that you no longer need to look at the letters or numbers that you are typing. For advanced typists, practice is also essential. They need to develop muscle memory for certain typing types of used letters. It is important to get rid of bad typing habits.
  • Stretching: If your wrists or fingers get stiff, rest for a while.
  • Know your keyboard: You need to familiarize yourself with the keyboard to type around 60 to 70 WPM.

Normal Typing Speed for a Coding Programmer

Mastering the Basics: Choose the keyboard you are comfortable with: Keyboard comes in different shapes, which include ergonomic models.  Familiarize yourself with your keyboard. Some of the keyboards have different sizes, but they have different features and layout. It is essential to read the manual or instructions so that you will know what the keys do and shortcuts to use that are helpful to you. This is helpful in correcting errors.

You also need to do keyboard exercise: The most essential thing to improve your typing speed is to make sure that you properly place your fingers on the keyboard. The left index finger should be placed on “F” and right index finger should be placed on “J”. Use proper fingers in striking the keys: In typing, you need to hit all keys from home position.

professional typing lessons for programmers

Ways in Improving Typing Skills Online: Typing Lessons for Programmers

According to Mashable Improve Typing Speed, there are good ways that will help improve your typing speed skills.

  • Typing Master’s Typing Test: You need to assess your typing skills in monitoring your improvement. The best way to doing it is to take a quick typing test. You can try TypingMaster’s version.
  • Typing Web’s Free Tutorials: Typing Web is offering comprehensive tutorials for free to help you get used in placing your fingers correctly.
  • Sense-Lang’s Balloon Game: By the time you time you learned where to place your fingers, it is the time to know where the keys are. You can try Sense-Lang game to master the keys.

There you have the information you need to be aware of when it comes to typing. If you want to improve your typing skills, you need to practice regularly and master all the keys and to master the positioning of your fingers for great competencies. You may also try typing speed survey to help you assess your skills.

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