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Manuscript Typing

Why Do You Need Manuscript Typing?

Not everyone that writes will put down what they want to say directly into their laptop or word processor. Many will still use pen and paper and others may even record what they have to say. Either way when they are finished their manuscript will still need to be typed up and correctly formatted for the publisher to use.

Doing this typing yourself is likely to be very time-consuming and not necessarily accurate if you are not used to typing. This is why you will almost certainly want to make use of our manuscript typing services to get the work done to your full satisfaction quickly and accurately.

How Can We Provide You a Typed Manuscript?

affordable-typing-manuscripts-for-authors  There are many services out there online that offer very cheap services for typing; however like with many services you will get what you pay for. Some of these services attempt to automate what they do by using speech recognition software for transcription and text recognition software to translate written text direct to typed text. However, this software rarely works accurately and these services will often not spend the time to ensure accuracy.

We, however, provide you with highly accurate help through fully qualified and highly experienced typists that will work with you to provide the help that you need. They can help with everything from typing up hand-written notes through to accurate transcription no matter what accent or how bad your handwriting may be. We can also provide all of the help required with formatting a manuscript to ensure that it will be exactly as your publisher requires it.

Our Manuscript Typist Is Qualified to Help

manuscript-typing-service-you-can-order-nowWe offer highly efficient services as we only work with staff that are qualified and experienced to provide the services that we offer. With more than 5 years operating in this business we have built up a significant team of highly skilled typists that can work with your manuscript. We always ensure that you work with someone appropriately qualified; after all it would be hard for someone to type up a medical or legal paper if they did not understand the language being used. This is why when you use us you will always be working with a typist that is:

  • Highly experienced at typing from hand written notes or transcriptionFully qualified, with a relevant
  • Fully qualified with a relevant postgraduate degree to ensure a full understanding
  • Able to correctly format your work as required
  • Able to use the software required to an expert level
  • A highly fluent English speaker and writer

The Best Manuscript Services

professional-manuscript-typingWe always aim for your full satisfaction with all of the typing help that we provide; after all we want you to keep on coming to us for all of your typing and transcription help. We achieve the highest levels of typing accuracy by providing you the best typists that are fully equipped to help you as well as all of the following:

  • Proofreading to a high standard to avoid errors
  • Direct communication and unlimited revisions to your typing
  • Highly affordable pricing with no hidden extras
  • On time delivery at all times
  • Confidential support for all typing
  • Full satisfaction with your typing or your money back

So if you are looking for accurate and quick manuscript typing that you can rely on just contact our experts here today for affordable expert help that you can trust!