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Accuarte Manuscript Typing Online

Consider Professional Help with Typing Manuscript Documents

Students, business professionals and writers are some of those who may at one time or another find themselves with the need to produce a typed manuscript. It may even be necessary to convert handwriting to text for those who completed their first draft the “old fashioned” way. Manuscripts come in a variety of lengths and some may consist of several hundred pages that need to be typed. Typing a manuscript yourself is not always a viable option, especially if the document is more than a few pages long. To type a manuscript several hundred pages in length may take you weeks and still have a large number of mistakes when completed. One alternative is to use a professional service like the one our company offers to type your manuscript.

We Provide High Quality Manuscript Typing Services

typing-manuscript-service  Our company offers manuscript typing services for any type of manuscript. The service we provide covers documents of any length and format. Unlike many services out there that depend on software to do handwriting to Word and other manuscript conversions, our company uses live professional typists. Many companies use freelance typists that change on an almost daily basis. We employ a core team made up of professional typists that we use on a regular basis to ensure we provide consistently high quality services for all of our clients. Another area where our service differs is that we provide direct contact with the typist working with you. This is the best way to communicate effectively and eliminate any misunderstanding regarding requirements. In addition to typing we also offer a data entry service online. The data typing we provide is of the same high quality as that offered for manuscripts and other documents.

Key Features of Our Online Typing Service

high-qualified-manuscript-typingAnybody looking to have a manuscript typed has more than likely put a great deal of time and effort into creating the best document possible. We are committed to ensuring you receive a final document that is free of typing errors that would detract from your efforts. Features of our service that help you obtain a perfectly typed manuscript include:

  • Well qualified professional typists with proven experience: Our typists are both fast and accurate and we review their work on a regular basis to make sure quality is maintained
  • Proofreading and editing: Every document is proofread and edited to make sure it is free of basic mechanical errors that would hurt the finished paper
  • Familiarity with optical character recognition technology: We don’t depend on OCR for manuscript conversions but we are very well versed in the technology and use it as a tool to assist in providing better service
  • Manuscript format: Part of our service includes formatting a manuscript per the clients’ request. We are able to support any file formats required.

Best Option for Your Typing Needs

online-formatting-a-manuscript-websiteOffering the best typing service possible to our clients doesn’t stop at the high quality of work we provide. Additional benefits include:

  • Full customer satisfaction guarantee we all work we provide
  • Fair and affordable rates with no hidden costs
  • Fast and easy online order and payment process to save you time
  • Courteous and helpful customer support 24/7 to address any questions or concerns you may have

Contact us for high quality manuscript typing unmatched by any other service out there!